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Finezza Polish Service

1 Step Polish Service

Our Finezza Polish Service is designed to enhance the gloss & clarity of the paint by reducing the amount of defects in the paint.


This service includes a 1 step polish service to safely remove as many defects as possible while still retaining as much clarity in the paint so as not to require a second step.

This service typically yields 50-70% defect removal.

For most vehicles this service will greatly improve the appearance of the paint.

*Perfect annual service to maintain that "new car look."

Starting at $600

Exterior Detail Services: Finezza Polish

Correzione Service

Paint Correction Service

Our Correzione Service is designed to correct the paint by removing as many defects as is safely possible.

Paint measurements are taken to safely gauge how much defect removal can be achieved.

From there, the cutting/compounding process begins with the goal to safely remove as many defects as possible.

After the cutting process is complete a final polishing step is performed to ensure uniform clarity in the paint and bring out more gloss.

This service typically yields 80-90+% defect removal.

You can expect maximum gloss and clarity from this service.


*Perfect for those looking for that coveted
"show car" appearance.

Starting at $1,000

Exterior Detail Services: Correzione Service
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